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How to Make Money with a Blog:
What is the Purpose of a Blog?

For web users, a blog is a source of information, but what about you? How can it be useful for you? Why would you start a blog? Why would you invest your time and generously share your knowledge with the world? A blog is a bit like a business—its goal is to generate revenue. But how can this be achieved? You are lucky: we’ve also decided to be generous and share our knowledge with you. We imagine you’ve already understood that we also hope to make money with you 🙂

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Attract Web Users to Your Blog

First of all, in order to make money with your blog, you need two essential things: a blog and visitors reading it. Without visitors, you won’t get a chance to generate revenue. To attract visitors, you must ensure that your articles are well positioned on the web (or on Google–nowadays, Google IS the web!), The key is to create a maximum of articles that will become small gateways to your blog. In the end, all the traffic generated will serve as leverage to start our monetization.

Keywords: the Ideal Location

There is a way to increase your chances of being well positioned on Google. Choose your battles wisely! You have to find the optimal topics for your articles! In fact, you must identify the keywords that are most researched and at the same time subject to a minimum of competition. This is what I call the ideal location! As a result, you will get the chance to be easily and quickly positioned on Google and attract a maximum of visitors on your blog. Use this method with a dozen of articles and you will quickly get 1000 people per month on your blog! Obviously, this is easier said than done—how do you know if your topic is popular and how do you know if it’s competitive enough? This is where I come into play to tell you about the Futé Marketing services. We can perform this analysis for you and provide you with a graph and a list of article topics including the number of searches per month and the degree of competition for each of them. Our team can also guide you in writing articles. For more information, fill the form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Augmentez votre positionnement avec une gestion des mots clés de votre blog

Plan Your Articles in Advance
The Futé Tip

In order to better position your business on the search engines, you have to be relevant. Google loves putting forward general articles that point to the more specific ones. In this manner, it not only transmits the desired information to the web user, but your article is also an additional source of information. This way, when you find an article topic that is the “ideal location”, it is important to plan other articles related to it.

Blog Writing

We can do the writing for you. That being said this, to each their own (field)! The best people to talk about your field of business are those who work there—that means you!

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Every Shepherd has to Keep Track of the Sheep and Guide them to the Right Place!

Once you have a significant amount of visitors on your website, it is important to guide them so you can generate revenue. If the purpose of your blog is advertising, then you should encourage them to click on the ads and visit a maximum of pages. If your company offers products and services, then you should direct your visitors to your product and service pages with the objective of generating leads.