7 Digital Marketing Trends to be successful in 2021

With innovative new technologies and communication tools, digital marketing is constantly evolving. That is why it is important to take them into consideration when developing your marketing strategies. However, digital marketing is also influenced by external factors. For example, it has undergone major disruptions over the past year due to the health crisis and repeated lockdowns. As soon as the pandemic began, the measures set up forced companies to revisit their communications with their customers. They had to improve their digital strategies and create more relevant content in order to capture consumers’ attention and drive sales. It was all about survival! To help you in your up-coming marketing efforts, here are the 7 trends offering the best results:

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01. SEO optimization

This remains the backbone of any successful website strategy. Search engines carefully guard their SEO algorithms secrets and also update them frequently. So it is crucial to be well informed and to review your keywords regularly in order to optimize your SEO, or risk seeing your organic traffic drop significantly. You also need to realize that the trend is for search engines to become answer engines!3  49% of Google queries already stop at the search results page. Users are clicking less and less on links leading to search results. Two main causes can be found for this trend:
  • The user realizes that the query doesn’t match what he is looking for and rephrases.
  • Google provides the answer through knowledge graphs, featured snippets and other data types.
It’s important to note that a website having well optimized its SEO and developped its Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions will more likely be part of the 51% of fruitful queries. In addition, companies that have put forward an SEO strategy to be visible in snippets, which includes being featured in My Google Business, will appreciably increase their exposure on Google11.
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02. Personalization

Personalization is key to the future of digital marketing. More and more data analysis will be done to ensure a truly personalized experience.

Remember this: consumers are often quite willing to share more personal information in exchange of a web experience tailored to their individual needs2. With web giants like Amazon, they have grown accustomed to seeing relevant offers on the home page based on their previous visits.

This customization must be implemented throughout your digital marketing, which includes, for example, your newsletters5. Tailor the customer experience by segmenting your newsletters according to your clients’ preferences. These preferences are determined according to the type of people you want to reach and will allow you to optimize your products and services sales.

Another important aspect to consider is that tailoring your website contributes to improving your user experience which in turn contributes to improving your quality score on Google9. For example, customizing increases the time spent on your pages as well as the number of page views. It also leads to a decrease in the bounce rate. These are all influential factors in your quality score which establishes the positioning of websites on the results pages10.

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03. Developing a strategy based on trust

It’s important to recognize the benefits of a trust-based strategy, especially in uncertain times such as a global pandemic. Trust is achieved simply: when a product or service meets the expectations of the customer2. You need to capitalize on this to build a strong relationship with your customers and generate more sales.

Also, user-generated content on social media is very popular! Your audience is paying attention to what your customers have to say. It’s the new way to generate online word-of-mouth (eWOM15). Your target audience will more easily identify and connect on a human and compassionate level, and develop a stronger bond and trust with your brand1. Authenticity and honesty in your interactions are key to encourage these exchanges8

This means that you need to engage your customers as much as possible by asking them to:

  • Write a review on your products and services,
  • Post content on social networks, 
  • Vote or answer a survey,
  • Collaborate during the launch of one of your products.

A satisfied customer will want to have a role in the success of your brand. You can thank them by posting and sharing in turn their content on your networks.

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04. Building a more human experience

Confinement has created a greater need for “human” experiences in the digital world2. We have to learn how to generate online sales while maintaining the need for close relationships.

Social networks can help you connect with your community, there are also Chatbots that allow customer service directly on your website6. Conversational robots have been proven to help move your prospects through the sales funnel 24/77-12. You can also generate automatic messages to track the shipping after checkout and even create newsletters to keep in touch.

The human experience can also be experienced through augmented reality:

  • Visiting a place without actually being there, 
  • Trying on a pair of glasses or a new lipstick color in real time, 
  • Visualizing a new interior design,
  • And so much more 4-8

Now that’s an added value which converts.

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05. Integrating social media in your digital marketing strategy

Business investment in social media advertising increased by 20% in 2019 and now accounts for 13% of global advertising spending1.

Facebook and Instagram have made several changes to their algorithms and often favour paid content over organic publications. Nevertheless, you can still target an audience according to your persona and consequently allow for better interaction1. However, regardless of the social media, remember that engagement is still the most important factor driving your success.

LinkedIn is once again trending in the business community. The platform has been transformed since its acquisition by Microsoft and is more focused on the work-related world rather than on job search. It is a good tool to increase traffic to a website and helps professionals to share, inspire and even work together1.

An emerging trend is the collaboration among brands on social media. This partnership directly targets the key audience and strikes their imagination much more than a single ad while pushing them to linger on the content1.

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06. Offering Subscriptions

The concept of subscriptions had long been abandoned, being limited to telephone, television and internet services. But the concept is now back in vogue and no longer solely reserved for dematerialized goods and services. It is a business model that has proven successful in many fields. Subscription is gradually gaining ground while revolutionizing consumer practices. For example, we can now subscribe to13-14:
  • Watch shows on Netflix, Disney, etc.
  • Listen to music on Apple, Spotify, Amazon.
  • Rent community cars.
  • Get our custom Gillette Razor Blade Kit at the frequency of our choice.
  • Receive monthly delivery of personal hygiene protection.
  • Discover new cosmetics, 4 times a year, with FatFitFun.
  • Receive our fresh food directly at home thanks to Lufa Farms, MissFresh, Good Food, etc.
  • Download software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Antidote, etc.
  • Develop our sales tools with Salesforce, LinkedIn Premium, etc.
  • Attend online courses.
The benefit of offering a subscription is that it ensures a constant flow of income, facilitates inventory management and builds customer loyalty.
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07. Presenting dynamic visual content

Videos and photos are among the most widely used means of communication on web platforms, with dynamic and interactive visuals dominating o n YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.2

Developing a visual strategy that includes the production of videos in addition to a diverse photo gallery is critical. Once you’ve done this, you can draw from your library to create visuals for your website, social media, and even your TV, radio or web banners.


You now have all the tools you need to create an effective digital marketing strategy for the coming year. But the key to success also lies in knowing your customer and how they prefer to interact with you. Once this is done, it is possible to create a digital ecosystem and constantly adapt it according to new marketing trends.

Note that companies that have correctly identified trends related to their customer base experience better results. In fact, they are growing faster than their competition. This is why it is important to surround yourself with digital marketing experts who share the same values as your company and who will be able to help you create your target audiences.

We recommend that you meet with us. Not only do we have a flawless customer experience, we also have digital marketing tattooed in our hearts.

Don’t miss the boat! 11 E-commerce trends to implement in 2021

We have long talked about the need for businesses to take the digital path. While large companies were quickly jumping on the bandwagon, many small and medium-sized companies hesitated, as investments were significant and profits were uncertain. Now we can say that organizations having taken the digital turn before the pandemic are in a better position today since they have a tool that allows them to continue their economic activities during confinements. Some have benefited from an increase in their sales while others have seen a smaller decrease compared to their competitors.

Although the craze for online shopping began well before the COVID-19 confinements, we are now seeing that this reality is becoming a fact of life. According to BDC, online sales nearly tripled from 2012 to 2018 and the global market is expected to reach US$39 trillion by 2023. With online shopping having become a habit in many households, it’s likely to continue long after the end of the pandemic. So if you haven’t yet embarked on the digital revolution: don’t wait any longer!

In order to help our customers in developing and updating their website, we have compiled 11 e-commerce trends that should be implemented quickly to help improve the performance of your company’s website.

11 trends to boost your e-commerce

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01. Sell everywhere (multichannel)

The development of a multichannel selling strategy is at the forefront of several articles on the trends for the next decade. This type of strategy involves broadening sales horizons by targeting users wherever they are.

Whether on Amazon, Google, Facebook or any other platform, your products are available for sale in multiple locations simultaneously. According to some, the use of such strategy is even necessary in today’s world to survive1. Another study has also demonstrated that vendors selling on 3 or more platforms sell on average 156% more than those selling only on their own website. In fact, in the span of one year, the Sellbrite company saw a 300% increase3.

Even if these third parties take a percentage of the sales and affect the return on investment (ROI), the visibility offered is significant. This association can be advantageous in sectors with a high ROI. It should also be considered for sectors with repeated business since they will be able to attract new customers who could then order directly from their own website.
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02. Go direct to consumer (D2C)

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) is the trend for companies that prefer to eliminate barriers between the manufacturer and its customers. This strategy gives them greater control over their brand, reputation and sales tools. They can also collect more data about their customers and develop new products that better meet their needs.

D2C involves the elimination of third parties in the selling process, such as Amazon, in an effort to ensure direct communication with the consumer. The company must be prepared to answer all questions about their products, from delivery times to product specifications and return policy. The benefit of this strategy is that it provides the best customer experience and helps create a more lasting relationship with the consumer1.

It is important to note that to implement such a strategy, a company must be dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience. It also requires a commitment from all departments in order to compete with the world’s online giants.

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03. Chat it up!

Chatbots, real-time conversation softwares, are used to answer questions from Internet users in order to help them find specific information. Implementing this strategy in your e-commerce allows you to improve the customer experience by helping them feel more confident about their purchase.

In fact, for many companies, we are seeing an increase in investment in this type of software. In addition, according to several surveys, approximately 93% of retailers plan to invest in chatbots to improve their customer service1.

An interesting strategy would be to use chatbots to collect information about the Internet user and to customize the site accordingly5. Imagine the ultimate shopping experience for your customers when their conversation is paired with artificial intelligence! This trend will certainly become a must-have feature on e-commerce sites2.

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04. Interact more! Help them try before they buy

The creation of an interactive experience is an emerging trend that should not be neglected. As a result of the disruptions that have somehow pushed us to shop online, we are realizing that it is at times challenging to make a purchase without experiencing a 360-degree view or having tested, felt, scented, or tasted1.

It is crucial, therefore, to find ways to develop a more interactive experience in several fields such as home furnishings, interior design and fashion in an effort to fully exploit all the senses that the product experience can provide. Of course, this strategy will often require a considerable investment, but in order to remain competitive and take advantage of online sales, we strongly feel that this strategy will become more and more indispensable.

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05. Offer Subscription Services

Subscription services are becoming increasingly popular. Already on the rise before the pandemic, these services have become even more widespread. The convenience of having essential goods automatically delivered right to the comfort of your home is strongly progressing1.

In addition, such services can be very profitable for businesses as they ensure a steady flow of money and sales. Generally speaking, sales can only grow with this kind of service if customer satisfaction is emphasized.

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06. Develop flexible payment options

While this trend does not affect all industries, offering flexible payment options is gaining momentum. With the fluctuating economy, companies providing these options are sensitive to their customers’ specific financial conditions.

Deferred payment options and multiple payment options, in the case of a subscription, should be considered in order to allow customers to afford your products while keeping in mind their budget.

You can also reduce friction when ordering by offering multiple payment methods: check, credit, debit, PayPal, etc… Also reward point systems are a good option to consider and encourage repeat business with your e-commerce shoppers.

The range of options available in this trend increases customer brand loyalty and provides an enjoyable shopping experience1.

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07. Customize using data

This trend is very dear to us as it happens to be one of our specialties. Over 80% of retail leaders say that advanced data analytics is incredibly valuable for making technology investments such as personalization1.

Data collection and personalization are experiencing strong growth, despite the rise in popularity of privacy policies and fears about collected data. Note that 22% of American adult shoppers prefer when retailers use their personal data to make their shopping experience more personalized. Consequently, it is important to develop closer connections with your customers in order for them to develop a deeper brand loyalty1.

According to other studies, the creation of a more personalized online experience makes it possible to:

  • Increase your revenues by up to 10%.
  • Help create a connection between the customer and your brand
  • Simplify the shopping experience

It is also important to note that 94% of companies see personalization as a critical component of their business success3.

The study also found that a personalized experience made customers 110% more likely to add additional products to their shopping cart and 40% more inclined to spend more than expected3.

The MadeWell company executes this strategy brilliantly by automatically selecting the customers’ size on the product pages. Sephora is also a very good example with its personalized emails based on customers’ purchase and browsing history and the delivery of exclusive offers3.

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08. Strategic delivery

The pandemic has made everyone more aware of the importance of shipping options. While many consumers prefer staying at home and waiting for their packages, others prefer to buy online and then head to the store to quickly receive their merchandise2. We have seen several large chains quickly developing this service option during the first confinement and the trend doesn’t seem likely to disappear.

A good online store always tries to minimize the friction experienced by the customer from start to finish, this includes the choice of shipping options and their return policies2. These are two elements that must be put forward on the website and be clearly stated. The shipping options must also be very flexible in order to satisfy a greater number of customers.

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09. Leveraging Email Marketing

The use of email as a marketing tool is not a new trend, but it is still a strategy that is very much relevant today. Whether it be for recurring sales products or products with a longer conversion funnel, the use of precise and targeted emails allows you to establish a stronger connection with your clientele and build loyalty.

The novelty to watch for in the coming years, however, is the use of interactive e-mails. Google has announced the support of AMP and JavaScript in Gmail applications. Likewise, Microsoft has announced support for AMP on Outlook.com and has made Outlook a progressive web application (PWA)4.

E-mail personalization and automation are already possible and can make all the difference in acquiring new customers. Interactive emails could quickly follow. Imagine being able to add functionalities to your emails such as size selection, add to cart, use of carousels, seeking ratings, etc.

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10. Enhance the mobile experience

In 2019, Statista estimated that by the end of 2021, 73% of online sales would be through mobile devices5. If their estimation is correct, the growth of the mobile cannot be overlooked any longer. It is imperative to create an advanced mobile experience and to think in terms of mobile in the very first steps.

Users are now accustomed to online shopping experiences using their smartphones. Large retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart, store shipping address and payment information for a quick and easy process on mobile devices. E-commerce sites are also increasingly adopting payment options such as Apple Pay and PayPal to provide a seamless process5.

To remain competitive in years to come, we must follow this trend as well as the spending habits of users. Applications that enhance the mobile experience can seem complex and expensive. We expect, however, that their better-performing offerings will make them more popular and user-friendly. We also believe that their price will decrease. This type of strategy will thus become accessible to everyone.

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11. Adopt a video strategy

Take advantage of this trend, as videos increase the conversion rate. A 2019 study indicated that 62% of customers said they had watched video reviews before making a purchase. In addition, videos are a particularly interesting medium because they can be repurposed on multiple platforms to maximize your visibility. Indeed, they can be distributed on YouTube, social networks, their product page and they can even be used in TV, radio or Spotify commercials with a little editing.

Surely you will agree that there are many trends to follow. But by going one step at a time and moving forward, you will see the tasks completing themselves while your income increases. Using this list, you can start building your e-commerce site for the future starting now.

If you prefer talking to e-commerce specialists before moving forward, our team will be happy to assist you. We offer a personalized approach to help you improve your website and e-commerce.

You don’t have an online store yet? Don’t wait any longer and contact our representatives to get your quote now. There is still time to jump on board. You could even be able to obtain financing for the creation of your e-commerce site.

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