The Software at the Heart of Your Business

Take it to the next level with a CRM tailored to your needs. It’s the key to enjoying a solid database, process automation, and a clear real-time view of your performance.

CRM is more than just a management tool; it’s your ally in accelerating growth and increasing profitability for your business.

Maximize Your Efficiency With a CRM

A Solution Tailored to Your Growth

Our CRM implementation is part of a comprehensive service offering in sales, marketing, and human resources aimed at optimizing the entire chain from attraction to contract signing. Here’s how our team of business development strategists, managers, agile coaches, and programmers can assist you!

CRM for Sales and Marketing

CRM for Hiring and Employee Management

A well-implemented CRM is a powerful lever for the development of your business.

A CRM Implementation Well-Orchestrated!

From Assessing the Right CRM to Its Implementation.

Give your company the CRM solution it deserves. We accompany you throughout the entire process of implementing your new CRM, from the initial diagnosis to the final integration.

We offer you a turnkey CRM solution tailored to your requirements.

Continuous Improvement

For All Stages of the Chain

Our CRM continuous improvement service consists of two components: company performance analysis and implementation of potential improvements. Our team monitors the evolution of your CRM and its usage, gradually proposing optimization strategies for increased efficiency.

Performance Report

The use of cutting-edge platforms like Google Data Studio allows us to track the performance of external elements such as Google advertising or LinkedIn headhunting. Additionally, the CRM provides reports on your internal performance, such as the progress of your acquisition cases or the signing rate of sales and hiring contracts.

With these reports, our team of strategists will help you examine overall performance, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and initiate constructive discussions to improve your business.

Optimization Strategy

With the help of reports and our impressive repertoire of tactics, our strategists will be able to optimize your strengths and address any weaknesses.

With a holistic view and the ability to intervene at all levels of the chain, we can improve a wide range of aspects. Whether it’s optimizing an advertising campaign, readjusting a target audience, adding an automation feature in the CRM, or adjusting an internal process, we have the expertise to make the necessary enhancements.

Let's maximize the management of your sales and resources

Choose support from the initial diagnosis to the final integration of a new CRM!

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