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Coffrages Synergy, une entreprise de confiance étude de cas


Synergy Formwork


Coffrages Synergy is an enterprise which operates in the concrete formwork. This company has already over 6000 realized projects, more than 600 dedicated employees and many major projects such as the Turcot interchange, the Quartier Dix30, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and many more.

Therefore, with such a notoriety, Coffrages Synergy has demonstrated that he is the leader in this field down to the smallest details.

Coffrages Synergy has trust us so their branding in the concrete formwork field can be just as palpable on the web as it is on the construction site.


For the sake of transparency, the entreprise has been entrusted a social image mandate. Therefore, we manage, in cooperation with the enterprise, the social medias, the Google + Local news, their blog as well as the results of the researches linked to their entity.

Moreover, we rethink the entirety of their website in order to demonstrate their expertise and identity. By choosing our words consciously and by selecting every single picture, the website truly represent the enterprise.

Coffrages Synergy entreprise de confiance étude de cas


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