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Discover all the benefits of an easy loan. Without any credit investigation and due to its online form that guarantee you a quick response, it is more than convenient. Whether you are in a deadlock, a precarious financial situation or you are facing something unexpected, the DMO Crédit offer is giving you the quickest way to re-established your financial situation. As a matter of fact, you could get a micro-loan of an amount as low as 300$ and up to 1000$. Our specialist brokers offer you a confidential and professional service so you can quickly recover your peace of mind. By means of an express micro-loan offered in less than 30 minutes, this solution will definitely suits you!


DMO Credit


The main challenge was based on the initial situation of our client. He had more than 1000 organic sessions by month and a significant conversion rate. Furthermore, the number of organic sessions had plummet big time since 1 year. After an analysis, we identify two hypothesis related to this collapse.

  1. The previous agencies used “black hat” backlinking strategies and now, all of the links were deleted or were facing a loss of efficiency one by one.
  2. The competition on the web is getting stronger everyday and our client was losing his position day by day.

Therefore, we had to deal with those features.


After an important analysis of the organic results, the competition and the users performance in comparison with the keywords to find our customer on the web, we delivered a new action plan including a new range of targeted keywords. Furthermore, having already a great notoriety on the web (wind in the sails), our strategy was to better organize the keywords (ship rudder) and to improve the navigation performance of the website (boat hull).

***In order to better understand our SEO metaphor of our boat analogy including the hull, the rudder and the wind in its sails, we invite you to consult our informational video presented by our web strategist : SEO IS LIKE A SAILING BOAT. ***

About the conversion rate: this one has been a noticeable increase according to the new research term used in our landing pages designed to be well positioned on the search engines. Moreover, we have come full circle by adjusting the website following the analysis of the customers behaviour.

Déployer une stratégie marketing SEO efficace pour DMO Crédit


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