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The extermination domain is a really competitive field on the web. With an advertising pay per click that can reach 10$ by click using the exterminator term in the Montreal area, it is obvious that extermination companies have decided to follow suit with SEO.

Conversion rate

Insects extermination is a very specific area. As it represents an urgent need, the buying process is really impulsive. Therefore, the decision is taken really quick in terms of confidence and professionalism regarding the credibility of the website. The task is even less easy Because we all know the reputation of the exterminators and that we have to show insects that often cause disgust and revulsion, it really is a big deal.



Facing up this strong competition, we had to be wiser and outwit the average. Therefore, we analyzed the entire market, the most popular keywords, the most competitive ones and moreover we took in consideration the opportunities the competition might have forgotten. Once the analyze done, we detected that the terms the more researched were the ones related with the geolocalisation. For example, the extermination Châteauguay term appeared to us clearly accessible. We developed a geolocation-based positioning strategy for the entirety of the covered territory. It is in this way that we have achieve to double the sessions number.

Conversion rate

With an impulsive and emotional buying process, we have particularly worked on the website design in order to display insects in a pleasant and even funny way. Therefore the confidence level of the clientele has increased as well as the conversion rate. Moreover, we particularly worked on the mobile version so we made the navigation easier. Finally, due to a couple of analysis of the customers behaviour and some adjustments, we were able to reach a conversion rate of 20%.

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