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Étude de cas Hypotheca - Futé Marketing
Futé Marketing - Plus de 75 courtiers Hypotheca nous font confiance
Futé Marketing - Création de vidéos publicitaires pour Hypotheca
Futé Marketing - Conférences et formations aux courtiers Hypotheca



Hypotheca is a mortgage agency counting many brokers under its banner. Therefore, Hypotheca don’t sale mortgages: only brokers handle the sales. The challenge was to realize clientele acquisition advertising without passing directly by the banners. Moreover, all of the brokers are independent and decide of their operating mode.


Futé Marketing has developed a personalized service of social media management that has been created exclusively for the mortgage brokers of the Hypotheca banner. Therefore, following a training conference, more than 75 brokers have decided to trust us and adhere to our service. We then created and managed more than 75 Hypotheca brokers’ Facebook pages.

What a management challenge! We had to ensure a good communication as well as an efficient management for more than 75 professionals by proceeding to the information gathering, the account management, the advertising management but also the publications and comments management. By developing this new process of specific management adapted to each mandate, the management of the project was a real success and the results were quickly felt. All of the accounts reached 1 000 000.

Stratégie de gestion des réseaux sociaux complexe pour Hypotheca


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