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Méga Fun Animation


In the Méga Fun Animation case, we had two big challenges. First of all, we had to confront websites specialized in offering a single offer. There are a ton of websites dealing only with wedding planning, photobooth or mobile disco. Each of those websites use the entirety of its content in order to stand out in only one term. In our case, we had to create only one website that included all of the services and still be in the top position on the search engines just like our competitors.

Moreover, we had another big challenge within this mandate: the budget! With a small investment, we had to proceed to new content creation, new pages and perform natural referencing for all of the services. We had to be really “Futé” and carefully choose our strategy. We had to optimize the website for all of the following services:

  • photobooth;
  • mobile disco;
  • wedding planning;
  • events animation;
  • thematic events;
  • many more.


The strength of a website positioning is based on its architecture. Therefore all of the pages act as a support to the Home page which generally is the one that stand out the most on the search engines. Due to the strong competition of the specialized websites, we could not make the website stand out with only one page of service. We decided to create some micro sections made up of 3 to 4 pages for each of the services with a main architecture with some really clear subdivided pages. Therefore, the main page of each of the micro sections of the services use the support of the subpages. At the end, we have succeeded in positioning the website at the top of the first page of the results for each of the services.

Furthermore, it’s part of our next challenge! We have to improve the positioning of a website already at the top of the page and sometimes, that even stands out twice just like the case of the “Events Animation” term.

Stratégie de référencement web compétitive pour MégaFun Animation


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