The pillar of your marketing

A successful website not only sells, it also promotes your brand and your business. As the starting point of any digital strategy, your website must be thought-out and thoughtful in order to make you more visible, and also to convert your target clientele.

Why design a website
for your business?

Increase your credibility

The more your content is relevant and of quality, the more traffic your site will get.


Gain the power to convert your website visitors into loyal customers!

Improve your customer service

Have the power to always provide the right information to your customers.

Present your business

Present your company in a professional way to your customers.

What are your needs?

Informative website

Some services will always sell through good advice from a professional team. Your website will help you greatly in finding new clients. With the right marketing concepts applied, you will finally have a website that works for you!

Transactional website

Yes, it's now within everyone's reach! You can add a point of sale to your business at a low cost! Whether it is to present your products in a catalog or to automate the purchase of a recurring service.

A marketing agency
dedicated to your website

The design of a website is, obviously, a major project. That is why we have put together a team of specialists who will work with you throughout the entire project. Everyone has a well-defined role to play in order to create a complete, turnkey, high-performance website! We believe that a strategic and creative production process is essential for the development of your website and that we are the digital experts that will make your project a success!

Optimal conversion rate

Our strategic team analyzes the behavior of your target audience and adapts your website in order to convert visitors into direct leads. Take advantage of a witty site!

Customized design

One look is worth a thousand sales! Your website must appeal to your target audience to render your offer more trustworthy. Internet users quickly get an idea of your company based on your image.

Writing content by the book

Our content manager will ensure that the right messages are conveyed to your target audience. Punchy, salesy pitches that highlight your business mean everything!

Google ranking

We design websites so that you get the best possible visibility on Google. Our team ensures that you are seen and also that you and your customers click!

Mobile performance optimization

It is estimated that B2C websites have between 40% and 60% of visitors on mobile devices. We design your mobile version so that your site performs well on all platforms!

Be Autonomous with WordPress

Popular and secure, WordPress also allows you to easily modify your website on your own. With our video training courses customized for your needs, this will be a cinch!


In all our websites

Websites that generate qualified leads

Today's riddle: 100 potential customers visit your website.
How many of them will contact you?

This question is always on our minds! The conversion rate of a website is the most important aspect of any digital project. That's why every member of our quick-witted team plays an important role in the design of your site. Allow us to strategically place your business!

Switch to L'effet Futé

Marketing is not rocket science. You have to offer your customers what they want, the way they want it. Easy to say, definitely not so easy to do… To achieve this, we need to understand the psychology of the web consumer and determine the socio-demographic and psychological profiles of your clientele. This allows us to work our magic and influence your visitors’ decision-making process so that they contact you.

Eye-catching design

ravaging results

Improve your conversion rate with an effective strategy and take the internet by storm! 

At L’effet Futé, we master the intricacies of the digital world and stand out from the crowd with our strategic web designs. Like a fox’s coat, our designs are brilliant and majestic. We might also add that they are very witty, as they charm your visitors at first sight. While the design is one of the aspects most likely to make your customers trust you, know that it also improves your credibility.

Let's build a solid foundation
to set you apart

Captivate your visitors at first glance
to enhance your conversion rate!

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