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Help In Referencing

SEO Explanation

Google (or other search engines) places a lot of importance on the general activity of a company on the web. As a matter of fact, Google prioritizes websites that have been optimized with effective content, but also those who use social media.

It has been proven that the activity generated by the shares and the “likes”, as well as the number of subscribers to your page, the status updates, etc. on social media have an impact on web referencing of your website.

There are many social media on which you can promote your business, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

By using those tools, you will increase your visibility significantly. Moreover, the results are long-term and the number of social media followers will continue to increase.

Améliorez votre référencement organique grâce aux réseaux sociaux

Some Statistics

2014 Canadian Statistics

42 %

of Canadians sign in to Facebook at least once per month.


of Facebook users sign in more than once per day.

405 minutes

are spent on average on Facebook every month.

38 years

is the average age of Facebook users.


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Statistiques d'utilisation des réseaux sociaux