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Customized Design

An eye-catching design is a must in the process of creating your website. Besides enhancing the visual appearance of your website, it helps to put the visitors browsing your pages at ease. If the website is well presented and the navigation playfully simple, the visitors will continue browsing it and start trusting your services. Consequently, if there is a high level of trust, the visitors will be definitely more likely to contact you. In technical terms, an outstanding design will decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate.

Design de sites web accrocheur et ciblé pour votre clientèle

Fluid and Intuitive Navigation

In order to increase the visitors’ engagement rate, it is important that the navigation on your website is easy and fluid. Your company most likely offers more than just one service or product. Therefore, when a visitor browses through the homepage of your website, the information must be easy to find. What would be the best tool to find out how to properly inform the potential customer without knowing what they are looking for? Efficient navigation! There are different types of website pages; however, we could classify them into two categories: navigation pages and information pages. The navigation pages are used to direct the visitors towards the right sections of your website. Consequently, when a visitor is on an information page that suits their needs, it is important to provide them with all the necessary arguments to convince them. Efficient browsing allows web users to quickly find the information they were looking for. Furthermore, when the navigation unfolds naturally, the engagement level increases and with it the conversion rate as well … As long as you have the right information pages!

Navigation fluide pensée pour attirer votre clientèle

Optimal Structure

An efficient structure combined with outstanding content located at strategic points of your website can make all the difference. Your customers’ purchasing process as well as their need to get the right information before contacting you will vary based on your business field. For example, in the case of a company offering taxi transportation services, the service area and the phone number will be the main information customers will look for. Contrary to that, in the case of a condominium buying process, the website visitors will look for the plans, the location, the neighborhood, the inclusions, and the condo specifications before contacting you. Therefore, if a contact form is placed right at the beginning of the visitor navigation, it will look like we are asking a customer at a restaurant what they want to order before they even know the menu. This will not work! And if it does, it is probably because the right audience has not been well targeted. This is why our web strategists will take time to properly analyze your services and products, as well as their benefits and your customers’ behavior. They will make sure you get an optimal page structure, quality content located at the right points, and sales arguments that will make your clients take action. With this in mind, we will provide you with successful navigation including effective information pages and a higher conversion rate.

Structure web optimale et réfléchie